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I wuz goin' read this, but something kept me from doing it, I didn't push.

Later, Mom said it was too mean, not like yesterday's grace, which Howard called uplifting.

I know its christmas in san francisco
cuz there's loud rock music playing
you can't escape it anywhere
mom keeps trying to turn it down

the most recent offspring of the hallwald clan
is wagering her nonverbal cuteness for attention
when free folks pick her up
she screams
you're too close!
and reaches for mommy
chris won't pick up eli
cuz she just put on a new shirt
he came in from the garden bowling
to tattle on his uncle justin
finally retaliated for repeated attempts to remove his glasses
and poke him in the eye with unclipped nails

outside, gideon is still wailing
at colin buttonpusher
wants to play basketball with him
but gideon's just started a game with himself that won't be finished today

I can't seem to get away from a keyboard
as my things are swiftly, repeatedly
drafted into a possession relocation program
by peter poloshirt turned up collar
somehow manages to fastidiyize the house
while never leaving the kitchen
never forgetting to compliment

mom comforting couching the cuisine
in the midwest turkey and breadstuffing
she warms up on some dramatic chopin
george sez is too loud

the other greeks arrive
and suddenly its louder
thank god eli is passed out on the couch

alternating peace and chaos
past and fast
magic log fire light
the smell of crisping turkeyskin drifts undernose
the alcohol is uncorked and served
it's a little early sez george
comes wandering in his christmas sweater
this is the time of the season for lovin'
merry christmas
thanks for comin'

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