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from a personal poetical exploration of
thich nhat hanh's 14 precepts

thirteenth precept: social justice

Possess nothing that should belong to others. Respect the property of others, but prevent others from profiting from human suffering or the suffering of other species on Earth.

I feel so blessed
it plays me a few times a week
that i must share of what I have
that others will not want so badly
me living on the extreme end of comfort and all
upon who's back am I standing?

many of these gifts come of my mother
my family, background bestoeth
the treasures of the liberal modern world

these I have melted down into this
my publishing pulpit
my soul thus poured
I have found folks responsive
thankful for my gifts

I have seen others grow popular around me
and take on profit perspective

my gift is to the world
their gift is to me
reading and response
this I treasure

no treasure greater than love
I will ask no price to hear my voice
as I use my power not for profit,
but prophet
that sharing stories
without mind for money
"is closely linked with
the fourth precept (the awareness of suffering),
the fifth precept (living simply),
the eleventh precept (right livelihood),
and the twelfth precept (the protection of life)"
like the thirteenth precept
thich nhat hanh prescribes these elements
fundamental to "work for a more livable society"
on page 43
sharing the power of personal publishing
is my path to social justice

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