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from a personal poetical exploration of
thich nhat hanh's 14 precepts

fourteenth precept: three sources of energy

Do not mistreat your body. Learn to handle it with respect. Do not look on your body as only an instrument. Preserve vital energies (sexual, breath, spirit) for the realization of the Way. (For brothers and sisters who are not monks and nuns:) Sexual expression should not take place without love and a long-term commitment. In sexual relationships, be aware of future suffering that may be caused. To preserve the happiness of others, respect the rights and commitmennts of others. Be fully aware of the responsibility of bringing new lives into the world. Meditate on the world into which you are bringing new beings.

taking together from twelve
beef and likker
cloud the brain and clog the arteries -
"do not mistreat the body" begins the last of fourteen precepts
"learn to handle it with respect"
means finding joy not in cell death but change
drink, smoke, pass out
think, breathe, act
"preserve vital energies
(sexual, breath, spirit)
for the realization of the way"

I do not linger with my "jade stalk" overlong
like my reclusive bretheren
my "main reason for monks abstaining for sexual activity was to preserve energy"
as they did on page 46
I find auto-genital stimulation directly drains and dissipates my will

but I do take refuge between beautiful women
i have found twice
this penetration is culmination of desire heightened
leaves hanging expectations
thought forgotten
on the ride up bald mountain.

once was sex a disunion
"aware of future suffering that may be caused"
armed with the fourteenth precept wisdom
I saw a debt I could not pay
I warned the lender
with her collusion proceeded
foresight turned prediction
we could not speak
we attempted
 a child that would not be born
our sex a source of suffering

second coming
I find a creature who runs when chased
our sex is less gimme
less frequent
more special
and more spread - 
energy conserved by constant clothed touch unejaculated
interbeing instead of intercourse?

preserve our sexual energy
breath and spirit we share and serve as well - 
we do tai chi together.
the feels far holier
more respectful

than late night grope and grimace
leads me to believe
agree with
"sexual expression should not take place without love and a long-term commitment"
though I feel a traitor to my age
so near my prime
I salivate over females at the twitch of hair

no regrets - only respect.

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