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June 2013 Archives

Summer 2013: Sabbatical Time

I am taking a sabbatical from my work! Three months of unpaid leave starts Monday July 1!

What does this mean? I would write a meaningful essay, filled with poignant yet discomfiting detail. I could post photographs of me at my job, next to a photograph of me standing with a question mark over my head.

Instead, I put together a video about this transition time!! It leverages the greenscreen technology I have been fooling around with in June, hopefully to greater effect.

Please to watch Summer 2013: Sabbatical Time on YouTube: Sucks - Let's get a Green Screen!

Sorry that sucks lately. By suck I mean "not provide a useful and overwhelming Justin experience."

To remedy this some, and to amuse myself, I have purchased a home green screen kit and borrowed some lights from my friend Howard. I set up a little studio in my basement. I put my iPhone on a tripod, attached a bike helmet mirror, and positioned myself in front of a large green curtain.

And I filmed myself! I tested it all out! 15 June 2013 - I recorded myself talking and then moving around. It's definitely amateur hour. AHAHAHAHA and it doth amuse me mightily!

I was so focused on getting the basics of greenscreen recording working, I hadn't planned any acting or background footage. Since the footage can be worked into anything, I figured I would upload the source to see if someone might surprise me.

download the raw

Here is the download for raw greenscreen footage to play with - hosted on Vimeo.

If you make anything with footage of me jerking around in front of a greenscreen, email me so I can re-share!

first cut

Green Screen Test: Just In Britton South Dakota, 1938 - hosted on YouTube:

The Internet Archives has piles of free video clips. I foundfootage of people from Britton, South Dakota in 1938 in the most-excellent Prelinger Archive. The nineteen minute clip Amateur films: Ivan Besse collection: Britton, South Dakota 1938-39] (Part I) (1938) contains footage of street scenes where I might stand amidst people, sort of.

Thanks to Howard Rheingold for the lights - he has extensive home filming experience from his Rheingold U video classes on mindful internet use.

what now??

I look forward to recording and playing more with layered video!

See you on a screen.


Thanks Steve Rhodes - from @tigerbeat on Instagram
June 2012 dancing in the streets of San Francisco with Ilyse Magy, photo thanks Steve Rhodes on instagram!

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