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August 2013 Archives

Video Impermanence

I made another video! It's about Impermanence.

Catch it now on YouTube: Impermanence: A Green Screen video

I was delighted to find so many folks providing free video resources online - 3D models, green screened paper airplanes, backgrounds of the galaxy or sunsets. Hurrah for generous creators!

Now I leave for 10 days offline at Burning Man. I return in September, and I plan to


Accounting for Unemployed Time

I've had roughly 5 weeks of unemployed time since I started my sabbatical. What have I done?

Traveled for 3 weeks with my Mom in Scandinavia - photos here on Flickr.
Read a ton of Scandinavian crime fiction (turns out it's easy to read lots of novels if you stop reading periodicals!)

Relaunched my 9-years-dormant personal sex blog at
Launched a sex-themed Twitter account @justsexin

Practiced the piano! Did some chin-ups! Finished an electric belt from an Adafruit kit!

All this is described in my latest home green screen video:

Accounting for Unemployed Time; July-August 2013 Green Screen -

Now I leave for 10 days. I'm taking Amtrak from San Francisco to Lincoln, to visit my Uncle Jim and Aunt Lori there. It's a two day trip, I'll enjoy the observation car to see the American West!

Then from Lincoln to Chicago for one night, then on to Detroit. It's my first time visiting that town. My girlfriend Ilyse has been there all summer, exploring the potential for urban recreation. Earlier this summer, she took the train from San Francisco to Detroit and made it sound like a good idea, so I'm following in her footsteps and ending up in her hometown. I'm excited to see what art communities she has found there, and I'm curious to see what Detroit feels like today as people there re-interpret what that city means. San Francisco currently feels like a wild boom town; I sometimes wonder what SF would feel like if suddenly most people decided to live somewhere else. Nothing lasts forever - Detroit could be a good preview of civilization's non-linear progress.

Then back for a few days before heading to Burning Man, an arts festival in the Nevada desert. I'll be camping with a group called Green Home near 4pm and G - maybe I'll see you there!

September I return, for more making of things and sharing whatever we have here together!


Thanks Steve Rhodes - from @tigerbeat on Instagram
June 2012 dancing in the streets of San Francisco with Ilyse Magy, photo thanks Steve Rhodes on instagram!

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