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An Interview with Richard Stallman: Freedom, Malware & Cannibalism

Earlier this month, I had a chance to sit down with Richard Stallman at the Internet Archive. Stallman helped make Unix broadly available, Unix which now powers powers much of the web. He also wrote Emacs, which is my favorite Unix text-editor.

Now this pioneering software developer has dedicated himself to "freedom for all the users" which means railing against Facebook and Apple and most of software as we know it. Editing this piece, I felt a bit like I was listening to the older Jeff Bridges in Tron 2.0, or Laurence Fishburne in The Matrix. Stallman has an unusual perspective but after the Edward Snowden revelations he doesn't sound so unfoundedly paranoid.

Stallman agreed to be interviewed only as long as I posted the interview where people don't need proprietary software to view it. And as long as I posted the content "no-derivatives" so people can't take his words out of context. So this video is posted on the Internet Archive!

Here's a trailer I posted to YouTube.

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