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slight faltering in forward health

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I faltered in my forward health; I caught a cold last Monday 2 March and basically it knocked me out. I was either coughing, leaking, wheezing, honking, aching or stoned for most of the last week.

I postponed an interview for The Justin Hall Show. For video work, I managed to spend much of my upright computer time simulating the way "checking email" looked in 1994 by rebuilding the Eudora Mac interface in Apple's Motion 5. That has resulted in a much improved 5 seconds of footage in my 2315 second film; .2 percent. Bit by bit, I'm gonna finish this thing! Whether or not I can find the Mishawaka Font.

I took refuge in some media:

Astra Taylor's new book called The People's Platform I'm reading to broaden my views on technology. That isn't exactly soothing escapism though, so I accompanied that with video game culture homage Wreck-it Ralph and finished the new chapter of Space Marshals on iPad the same day it came out. I guess I enjoy video games, though I forsook the learning & community at this year's Game Developers Conference. Last spring I made a video about a gaming conference; this spring I made a video about a cannabis business conference.

Poking through my archives for ever more footage to adorn my documentary, I found tiny video files - interviews that I did in 2000 when I was employed at

Probably the best media artifact here is the recording from Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia July 2000 - for fans of science fiction, fantasy, comic books, and other elements of fan culture. I found this paragraph describing a third millennium A.D. machine box ride with both the armies of Christ and the children of Satan:

It turns out that the Salvation Army is having its 135-year anniversary in Atlanta at the same time as Dragon*Con. So there's 20,000 suited servants of the lord sharing the streets with Stormtroopers. They are both in the same Hyatt hotel too - I get on an elevator with two ladies from Denmark in their sixties, dressed in Salvation army garb with shoulder epaulets, and then two young ladies board wearing dog collars, large black feathered wings, vampire teeth and red contact lenses. It's an ideal nonviolent culture clash.

Here's the video; apologies for the profoundly low audio/video quality. GWAR!

That video is here and the other videos are in this playlist of gaming videos. More videos to come! As long as my body sustains my mind!!


Thanks Steve Rhodes - from @tigerbeat on Instagram
June 2012 dancing in the streets of San Francisco with Ilyse Magy, photo thanks Steve Rhodes on instagram!

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