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Playing Games with Patrick Ewing

In February 2016 Patrick Ewing came to my home studio to discuss his work on FireWatch, a popular new video game. I became interested in Patrick after I'd heard he shifted from web coding to game-making. I discovered he hosts, a web site he packed with intensely personal details. This episode of the Justin Hall Show explores the identity of this Patrick Ewing!

Facebook: Playing Games with Patrick Ewing

Playing Games with Patrick Ewing

Posted by Justin's Links on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

For this video I played slightly more with our figures cut out from the green screen. Frankly not enough play; each time I film I learn more about what angles I want. In this case I would like to figure out how to get more straight on with Patrick. Here's his picture of all the camera angles:

How @justinreach shoots his one-man TV show

A photo posted by Patrick Ewing (@hoverbird) on

Turns out Patrick had his own green screen show in high school around 1999. The Bob Sargascar Show: Episode 1 is on Vimeo: "An introduction to the cast and crew, a medical autopsy, an endeavor to construct a Time Machine device, the loss of beloved pets and sad song of Laika the Space Dog" in 29 minutes."

So thanks to Bob Sargascar, I had Patrick Ewing as a green-screened character, and Patrick Ewing cut out from the background on a sports video game fan site. Fun moving pieces for the moving pictures.

Patrick discusses a game called Cart Life. The creator of the game released it open-source, but his web site is offline. The creator, Richard Hofmeier is on Twitter. Wikipedia has a nice page about Cart Life. If you root around online you might be able to find a version to play.

Patrick worked with Campo Santo as a Tools & Gameplay Programmer on Firewatch, the game that Patrick worked on with Campo Santo: you can learn about the game Firewatch on Wikipedia.

The music: "World of Sport" by The Gasman from his album Archive including 200 deep cuts. "L.A. Montage" by Rockit Maxx off Free Music Archive. hosts some Les Brown. Chris Remo composed the piece used from the Firewatch soundtrack, and Pocketmaster recorded the track used in the Cart Life sound track - here slowed to 67%.

YouTube: Playing Games with Patrick Ewing

Patreon Post.

Patrick is @hoverbird on Twitter.

le parfum de l'homme

a new video: "le parfum de l'homme"

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le parfum de l'homme

More information: the soundtrack is "EmptyBottleStar" by Blevin Blectum, off her album Gular Flutter, slowed down to 50% speed.

Posted by Justin's Links on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

YouTube: "le parfum de l'homme"

Saturday March 5 I read this harshly-named article "Why are celebrity perfume commercials so incredibly awful?" in an elaborate hotel room. The room provided a psychographic space akin to a Peter Greenaway set. The result of these factors is this video. The soundtrack is "EmptyBottleStar" by Blevin Blectum, off her album Gular Flutter, slowed down to 50% speed.

Stay tuned for future episodes of the Justin Hall show!


Thanks Steve Rhodes - from @tigerbeat on Instagram
June 2012 dancing in the streets of San Francisco with Ilyse Magy, photo thanks Steve Rhodes on instagram!

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