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I was On The Edge With Andrew Gold

Journalism is a means of discovering the world you want to see. Some people are more explicit about using the tools of journalism to explore themselves. I was contacted recently by Andrew Gold - a semi-public seeker in the United Kingdom (Twitter | LinkedIn). I think the fact that I was famous once on the internet drew his interest: since he's a storyteller, he's wondering, "how do I draw attention to myself?" and the stories he wants to tell. So he interviewed me to ask me about my journey through the molten center of networked public interest.

We agreed upon a moving picture interview with sound through flat glass. He sent me the results in mid-June and I couldn't bear to acknowledge it for two months. Then one afternoon in August I was finally able to run through this moving ponytail 18 buddha hand exercise sequence looking upon some trees and afterwards I said heck I should update my web site.

Interview for the podcast On The Edge With Andrew Gold
Spotify podcast
YouTube video

From the Kardashians and One Direction to Kelly Clarkson and Donald Trump, every influencer and reality star owes a debt to Justin Hall, the world's first ever blogger. If over-sharing online has become a disease, I like to think of Justin as Patient Zero of our Social Influenza.

Andrew emblazoned this forty-four minutes with "FIRST EVER BLOGGER: I put up the web's first dick pics & had a fight with Kurt Vonnegut" though I do not speak of myself that way. During the video you can hear me speak of being in a tradition of blogging-types, and seeing humanity's historical proclivity for dick picks!

This century I'll die and leave humanity to more fascinating problems. Until then I should occasionally feed this old hype machine, so seekers might still call me now and then to shake off the cobwebs and exclaim


Thanks Steve Rhodes - from @tigerbeat on Instagram
June 2012 dancing in the streets of San Francisco with Ilyse Magy, photo thanks Steve Rhodes on instagram!

Hi, I'm Justin Hall and this here is a personal web site I've used to chronicle my time on earth since 1994. The content on the front page is relatively recent; if you search through the archives, you'll find old pieces of Justin. Some folks have indexed my doings on Wikipedia.

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