January 12, 1996

woke up to three phone mail messages
Wells Fargo reporting unusual activity on my credit card
yesterday, on my way to by groceries for Thursday Night Dinner at Cyborganic,
I lost my wallet in the Mission,
I thought someone might return it

Well at least I know they had some fun:
1 minute after I realized my wallet was gone,
(at the checkout counter - grrr.)

3:46 - $20 gas station
$245 dept store
$245 jewelery
$200 shoe store
$189 optician
$787 attempt men's clothing

and that's where the computers got wise, they put a hold on things.
meanwhile, I'm doing a friendly dance with the SFPD,
(same folks who arrested me)
glad I scanned my old drivers license.


the weather's great today! Now if I could just shake this cold...