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2 june, 1996
kinked o kinko's man, everyone's home office
howard did a tv advertisement for them to that effect

we used it to lay down a flyer of last night's design

rollin' around, postin' them in bookshops, coffee houses, laundromats, grocery stores

and fringeware,
intoduce talk on web publishing
we're getting 11000 hits a day, doing pretty good
that is pretty damn good
what am i to say in comparison, i get 150,000?
is that how I prove I'm worth talking to?
that doesn't seem smart, or right
but when he starts informing me about wired magazine finance
two hour monte
yeah, I used to work there.
or telling me about suck just being bought out by hotwired
no, it happened last september.

anyways, cool shop, nice guy.

he's had some art work stolen by european wired knock offs hah - the seeming information must be free philosophy of fringeware review come real

culture jam I bought a $4 pamphlet on culture jamming

trei wonders
what is that affirmation justin sez, tacks right on the end of your last syllable
yeah you will


thinking of those pictures I like from my travels thus far
strike me very similar to photos I've seen of white pith helmeted men in dark jungle clearings showing guns or record players to bull ringed loin clothed darkies
swarthmore educated

what ever
seems to be a predominating phrase around here
like our sunday, from shop to shop,
dwindling blood sugar

slight smoothie rescue,
return to martin bros

amy takes pictures of me


and trei takes pictures of her taking pictures of me



and janis joplin watch
1970 - janis, jimi die, beatles, sinon & garfunkle breakup
the next profiled era by vh1 is bbc concert by young young elton john
singing this is your song, turned on, son about songs

harlan dinner with harlan

austin statesman print reporter profilin' me
I guess i expected to be taken out, he's salaried reporter after all
but I guess he's too young

to write a book, he writes a socially conscious job hunt book we eat barbeque - me veggie, him a plate of just sausage, white bread and bbq sauce I get some ice cream afterwards

to ingest sugar, intoxicants often requires taking a phallus to your mouth I certainly notice this with bongs and pipes, what about lollipops, ice cream cones, popsicles, bottles

I remember whale dream - should look for archie's jalopy on the net

defineitely curiously tired, why?

under wood visit trei at home
just moved a her in teeming with new junk

he collects old typewriters
a sizeable collection
has underwoods burroughs style
and howl by his computer desk in a smallish room at least with a lot of stuff and not a big window but at least a scanner and two macintoshes whoo boy

ginsberg was a merchant marine and wrote poetry about greyhound

cade his friend cade is on hand, he's a painter, slender skinny guy recently hair transformed from dreadlocks to near bald
I prod him to go all the way

trei's girlfriend rearrives she's pretty, but tired.

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