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sept 29

I woke up in an industrial fourposter
planks on threaded rods and whippet canisters
high sloped ceilings with weird steel structure
outside, cats and empty card catalog drawers
rows and rows of empty card catalog drawers
old hardware computers teevees and video
a studio
many brains
different projects
someplace I'd like to live
a loft

kelly and I make our way to the attraction of the day
more san francisco
folsom street fair
signs warn it is of an adult nature

fat flesh ripped and stung by leather and metal implements

unabashedly beared in open cheeked pants
or poured into see-thru latex clingwear

man, what was that vibe
power and agression some
whoo boys
violence and sex and people pushing themselves out there

sean and aimee recognize us
and then look regretful.

later on I see this issue of rolling stone

(rem on the cover)
she's in there (with wayne)
in the last paragraph
fuck this web slave shit
she's going for money
great to be rich young and single

I remember she once cheerfully helped me chopping vegetables for tnd
now she goes with that boy
they spend more time kissing and groping in the corner of the room

I followed the fair with barely work
dinner with wayne and peter
stars of that rolling stone article
last year, my contribution to a rise of the web issue
this year, it's the crash of the web job market expose
I'm glad I didn't make this web thing my life

I really like wayne
we walk fast, talk fast
a lot of ideas, schemes plans potential

home is bare, is exercise regimen

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