oct 29

sonic lunch with sonic has me in stiches
she's my friend
so I take her out
I'm beginning to spend money on food for other people - I like that

enough folks have spent money on me

somehow between there and the unicef store to improve the stench around the office and the tea store for loose tea and a strainer and work I manage to accomplish work type tasks until I arrive at hotwired to test the mood
I tried several folks to get in john alderman was the key we talked about his book column and advertising on my site (hotwired ad guy wants my numbers or readership or something equally laughable professional)
while john is on the phone I have a transcendant moment
amidst the blackened, subdued mood,
there is a curtis mayfield vinyl album in view, some techo playing, young people steadily working at an office, just an office with stray fringe elements
grown whiter and my friend who's into books and just a moment
sucker and joey of suck who is like a disease

why don't you ad trade with them?
why don't you charge more?
you don't still write daily do you?

there's a well party
not my scene, I'm sad to say
I'm most times open minded
but I arrived at work too late
and these people are older, and know each other
and I don't

but I know roastie and dom

anyone can play marathon
even "roastie"
and fusty

the more people, the more death - ug

I had 34 in 8-10 minutes - closing in on wayne.