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meet wayne @ geek cereal (read that, it's funny).

picture: tricia mcgillis @ maz, january 1999

I started hanging with wayne in the fall of 1996. he's a writerly beat addled bald guy who talks much shit. he talks shit like wilson, but he's like older - been married and all that shit.

terminator boy i met him for the first time at a thursday night dinner - i remember him talking about something bizarre and perverse so emphatically that flecks of spit at the corners of his mouth and his bald head and fervent eyes made him look quite rabid.

later he tried to tell everyone that my hair was clumped because i'd rubbed my post-jerk-off semen in it.

when i worked at eminds and he worked at Art and Science,, we spent a lot of nights scheming at Market Street Pasta Pomodoro - I think we were going to kidnap Marc Andressen or maybe just try and talk shit with him.

quicktimin' - winter '97 he runs beatthief; like him, thoughtful and posturing. no respect for anybody unless they've earned it.

he also knows his jazz - he made a nice site for A Great Day in Harlem.

for what it's worth, he's a taurus

he used to hang on spacebar, seminally broadcasting constantly. i chatted with wayne(scooter) there 2 dec 96.

1999 - now he sits in his house, a retired professional web designer and product reviewer for zd.* - looking for cool projects, chatting, and writing one of three books.

king scoot

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