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may 30

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Date: Fri, 30 May 1997
From: Senior Class Officers
Subject: Vandalism

Dear Class,

We have some upsetting and rather disturbing news to report this morning. Last night, there were several major acts of vandalism and destruction on campus. Below is a running list of the damage, estimated in the thousands, that has been identified thus far.

Not only is this an embarrassment to our class, but also an outrage to the college community. As such, the Deans are refusing to allow any senior week activities to continue until we are able to resolve this situation. At this point, the Formal dinner will continue, but not the Senior Formal or any activities or parties thereafter.

Based on their nature, it would seem that these acts of vandalism are not independent. We are asking each of you, as members of the class, to talk to any of the Class Officers with any information you may have regarding these acts of destruction. Senior week has been a success until this point, and if we want to continue with the last of the good times of our college days, we need to hold accountable the individuals responsible for these actions.

Thank you for your help,

Your Senior Class Officers.

Damage from 5/20-5/30:
* three cars damaged (smashed windshields) two belonging to workers, one to a senior
* fire set on loading dock of Sharples
* Willets: second floor bathroom sink clogged with towels, water left running. Water leaked to floor below, caused plaster from ceiling below to fall out.
* Kohlberg: Flower pots thrown against windows; windows scratched, flower pots broken
* Lang: large rock thrown through window near entrance. Window on door to Underhill library broken out.
* Tarble: Music stand thrown through second level window. Refrigerator unit overturned and glass doors broken out. Five windows in alcove eating area smashed out with a chair.
* Wharton: First floor lobby of C section: wall telephone ripped off of wall; beer cans, food, and clothes thrown about the area.
* Parrish: Copier room next to Provost's office on second floor: 6 spring water jugs overturned and emptied onto floor. 5th floor: windows broken, other damage
* Sharples patio: String of lights ripped down; all bulbs smashed.
* Grounds: Numerous plants and young trees uprooted or damaged.

someone needs to sever their attachment to the school
assert their power over the physical swarthmore
and so,

Date: Fri, 30 May 1997
From: Senior Class Officers
Subject: Senior Week Suspended

Dear Seniors,

Senior Week has been officially suspended until we are able to determine the individuals responsible for the vandalism incurred last night. Total damages at this point have exceeded $20,000, and the Senior Class funds are unable to cover anything close to this amount. We implore anyone who may have witnessed any of the vandals last night to come forward. Any information could be helpful, and please feel free to contact any of the Class Officers, RA's, or Tedd Goundie as soon as possible. The sooner we have some information, the greater the likelihood that we may be able to proceed with (and possibly reschedule) Senior Week activities. But as of now, there will be no Formal tonight, and no movies; tomorrow, no Beach Party, no movies; and Sunday, no Green Bottle.

Please help if you can,

Your Senior Class Officers

now all suffer as a result of a few boors
nothing new,
but on a swarthmore scale, a moment for leadership, right

a seething student body,

punished like this was gradeschool!
so percieved injustice,
a thick situation

i mean, in the official shoes,
allow more parties and incur more thousands of dollars in damages?

no clear answers but the potential
i stood in the dining hall, now stripped of imbibements,

im not all in favour of alcohol,
but these people are splitting
opportunity for class group cohesive gathering rended asunder by typical substance chasing students going to their friends houses to booze up

i stood and contemplated the tabletop, a statement

certainly reminiscent of earlier days

but people, rutter, are sort of worn out
and this just happened today
so maybe the scum will float
we can have a night to stew
and then organize a protest party over e-mail
if the deans have not relented

so this is having done something,
and not taking bold action simply for the sake of drama
gosh if my blood wasn't boiling though.

a moment of leadership,
not by me,
by each person perhaps

i went afterwards to a private party
like an obstacle course of conversational freaks
attacking particularly my womenfriends,
monica, marianna,
it's one thing to talk,
another thing to stroke an arm in conversation.

i find freakishness is always best embraced,
encouraged and likely pigeonholed
a better way to describe it would be
to choreograph it.
give the stuttering drunk his drama
and encourage him to spiral safely into his own dementia.

notes from the field,
hard liquor accelerates a party like beer acn't



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