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27 december

i'm in san francisco,
tonight visiting rheingold

a great discussion today, walking on mount tamalpais,
if i am to write a thesis, or he a book,
and we recognize the world around us,
how can we but recapitulate the situation as framed by older minds,
or propose solutions - a flawed notion in the postmodern age?

and progress: inevitable or subject to catastrope?

he gave me "the passion of the western mind," by richard tarnas,

quite highly recommended.

i showed him a video of
my interpretive dance on technology
sorry, no quicktime, yet.

gratuitous pic of langston hughes checking on some links/poetry for that idance piece,
some langston hughes,
checked two sites for "negro speaks of rivers"
each had printed the poem with the second line differently incorrect:
viens, not rivers, forgot something...

here: the words are right, and probably the location too,

if not the design.

this has been in the news a lot recently,
making sense of microsoft

both wilson and amy coming in close to new years
my two most demanding relationships.

i love 'em.

now, where to party?

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