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19 january

i love being back here. swarthmore is great. i'm so stimulated by my peers. i start to think i will be understimulated when i leave. i guess i do more autostimulation outside of here, th ough i certainly spend enough time in my room alone doing stuff.

half of my four classes this semester are devoted to me writing a thesis. up until last night when i couldn't fall asleep and revised my topic to concern the study of change, i was proposing to study six topics originating from the nature of connection ( it was my way of honing my thought).

my proust joyce and faulkner teacher, phil weinstein, now an advisor, read it and said this (w/ appropriate capital letters):

justin, i am as harsh as i can be here. as put, these 4 pp do not allow responsive criticism: because you make no arguement. to make an arguement requires reflection, editing, choosing the important and discarding the less important. you are not writing prophecy for the 21st century: you are trying to write a 1998 thesis. you cannot say it all. you can't even say a lot. but you'll say only cliche and soundbite and facile meanderings if you try to say everything. discipline your self: that means: attend seriously to some disciplines you have studied.

i love him for it. i chose him cuz he'll make me academically responsible. i think i have it in me. but i want to be broad, that's my struggle.

i just get thinking about the essential nature of things, and then what that's subject to;
what's flexible and changing, and what's not, and everything being an example,
and what else could i write on? it's not some small thing happening, it's reflective of the endless cosmic trudge, going somewhere, or in circles? i think that's my root question these days.

from mail to howard:
if my calculations are correct, of the twenty-one academic departments at swarthmore, i've taken classes in fifteen.

that leaves biology, chemistry, classics, education, linguistics, philosophy,

there's always continuing education...

yesterday, posted this up:

Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 01:12:36 -0500
From: Bravo Kanine
...put up my own site...its small and the layout is shitty but the idea is something I stand friends and I chronicled a week in our lives, put it up on the web...impressionistic character get people by reading them and those that interact with them...if you're interested...

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