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june 7

home livin'

i'm just still on a laptop so it's hard for me to discourse at length. that and my waiting lovely amy who's sweeping to isaac hayes (see below).

living large in oakland, our place is beautiful and we have begun to populate it with artifacts of the american dream - single cups of aesthetic styles from "cost plus world market" and a betamax player purchased at uhuru, that may indeed work some day.

work seems promising - i want to find a local school here to get involved with and get some more different folks some screen time.

other than that, the lack of my possessions in the mail and a lacking computer setup and even some time offline - no distraction, downtime meant i actually read most of a book in two days some beneath the underdog autobio of charles mingus. yeehah! that's some schitt.

i could get used to a life cooking (made beans n' greens yesterday), reading, working, and writing comparative reviews of the movies amy and i have seen this weekend. trying to find some community media center to volunteer around here.

i got sick this weekend, some travel fallout and maybe moodshift from post-school - i usually load on vitamins but because i'm living on my own and can't afford them shits i used just straight garlic instead. that's like a choice enforced by independence. that and amy and i see mostly matinees. but we do shop for some groceries at whole foods - i'm a sucker for that natural shit.

today's muzzik:

isaac hayes' greatest hits volume 2 - because it was 5.99$ at tower outlet years ago. sounds like he's suffered some, or tells some suffering stories. but the groove of love is so intrinsic.

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