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"Talking to Myself"
A guitar blues sung by "Blind" Willie McTell in 1930. He was known at this time as "Blind Sammie."


Good Lord, Good Lord, send me an angel down
Can't spare you no angel but i'll swear i'll send you a teasin' brown

That new way of loving
Mama it must be best
These georgia women just won't let Mister Samuel rest

There was a crowd out on the corner,
Wondered who could it be
It won't a thing but the women trying to get to me

I even went down to the depot
With my suitcase in my hand
Crowd of women runs crying, Mister Samuel won't you be my man

My mama, she told me, when I was a boy playing mumbly peg
Don't you drink no black cow's milk,
Don't you eat no black hen's egg

Black man give you a dollar mama,
He won't think it's nothing strange
Yallar man give you a dollar but he'll want back ninety-five cents change

You may call me a cheater
pretty boy I will cheat you
If you allow me a chance i'll gnaw your backbone half in two

I took a trip out on the ocean, was the sound of the deep blue sea
I found a crab with a swim trying to do the shimmy-shea

I want to tell you something Mama
Seems mighty doggone strange
You done mess around gal and made me break my yo-yo string

I ain't gonna be your old work ox no more
You done mess around babe and let your doggone ox get poor

My mama, she got a mojo, believe she try to keep it hid
Papa Samuel got something to find that mojo with

(take it from me)

I even heard a rumbling, deep down in the ground
It won't a thing but the women trying to run me down

(play it low and lonesome)

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