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1998: björk i've found to be about the most endurable vocalist to sing over technology music. maybe it's because she has good beats to back up. but even when she lapses into extended sweeping violins and more archaic styles, she's fun.

but it's a serious sort of fun, with emotional consequences. intensity! björk: like a fierce small breasted scorpion inviting you to jump up and down naked on her bed.

she's all about big feelings and it's exciting to watch, through my ears; but it's really something to imagine yourself on the receiving end of all that emotion. vicarious pleasure aside, this is a woman with a huge party room in her chest and she keeps looking to invite the right folks in but it seems few are worthy, few last. according to her lyrics.

so my theory on björk is that she's engaging because she's intense, and we don't have people we engage that intensely on a day to day basis, so it's great to be in touch with our propensity to feel as big as the sky and to feel refused and inspired in those feelings by those around us, but then, i feel some sort of strange pity for her because she can make this great music and wrench some anger out of love, she comes across so emotionally violent! how exciting! how rare! how it must be hard for her!

but she comes across in some songs as having such large balls. she's got some strange propensity for leadership, to where? "there's more to life than this" so people like singers who propose alternative landscapes and provide some measure of hope or means to get there, but björk's proposed lands beyond the now exist primarily in some interior landscape. within her, within us?

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