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Ritual de lo Habitual


To the Mosquitoes,
We have more influence over your children than you do, but we love your children. Most of you love them too, very much. You want what's best for them. Consider them when planning the future. Right? Oh, mother, father, your blindness to our most blessed gift, NATURE, leaves us with the overwhelming task of correcting your utter mess. It also proves that you are no judge of art, nor of beauty. We learn from you how to become ideal adults? There are subjects that you've passed over. Or maybe they are too painful to speak about?

Nature and art-what could be more breathtaking?

I used to wish sometimes that I was a black man. I listened to the way black men spoke when they spoke about freedom, justice and human rights. And in the way they spoke, I was sure they were speaking the truth. At the same time there was a faint buzz spreading to all of us the suggestion that the black man was not to be treated equally. For this I envied the black man because it gave him a passion for his living and a cause to die for.

Would you ever have imagined there would be children swinging in polluted playgrounds?

Do you have children? Do you see yourself in them yet? Do they do whatever you tell them to, or do they question authority? Do you take the time to explain things to them, or do you blame the rest of the world for their mistakes?

I used to wish sometimes that I was a woman. A woman is the most attractive creature nature has to offer a man. Why then is it such a shame to see her unclothed? I feel more shame as a man watching a quick-mart being built. How complementary a woman is to a man! Their giving of love is fearless. Nature did right in tying the infant to the female. Yet they also carry a sense of sadness. Quite like a premonition of danger they hide but can't shake from their minds. I understand why they want to protect their children, but for their own good, let me point out though you may have to explain subjects to your children that you perceive as wrong, it is better to have the freedom to explain it in your own words than be silenced under a government that has the power to squash anyone who opposes their views. It may one day evolve to be your child that stands as opposition. Who opposes the faint buzz that suggests to all of us that women are beneath men. Women have cause to live and reasons to die with dignity. This was not always the case.

Try to restrict our freedoms and we will fight even harder to preserve them.

Mothers and fathers, grandmothers and fathers, great-grandmothers and fathers, great-great-grandmothers and fathers, you are responsible for more destruction done to this planet in the last one hundred years than in all of mankind's history combined. You've invented weapons capable of destroying every form of wild animal and vegetation. I am not sure what condition the world we are inheriting is really in. I just have a fear of smokestacks, and I don't trust the men who feed their flames.

The paper these words on also contains the music of Jane's Addiction. The music is original, the cover is not. The original cover is as colorful as the music. It is a daydream of the music, made tangible. It will take effort to get, it is being sold, but we are having difficulties. There is an invisible force, the same one you have heard faintly buzzing all your life. This time it buzzes much louder. I myself have felt it's pain. When I looked down at the spot where it hurt, I saw a very small mosquito. A bug so old, it was known to Confucius as the "intellectual mosquito." He sucks off of you and he sucks off of me.

Sometimes to realize you were well someone must come along and hurt you.

I have grown to become proud of myself. I have aligned with all those who have been stung by suppression. As heirs to this planet, we must maintain, honor and enjoy the gift of freedom. A cause to validate everyone's life? Indeed.

The world looks to America because we are the beautiful.

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