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loop guru
good music from two moods

I have their album duniya, which I first heard from Howard - he had a foreign release of some sort - there's longer jams and stuff I crave.

Still the America release of "the intrinsic passion of mysterious joy" is a beautiful mellow album. In november '98 Amy walked by and said something like "wow, that's nice. can we have sex to that some time?" (track 10: the third chamber part 4).

it's mellow it's beautiful - it's like transcendant and shit. it's a rare album that somehow when i have it in my CD player I can listen to it twice or three times with getting bored.

it's a little bit of electronica and world music - ethnic samples and scales and sounds of the marketplace amidst smooth cyborganic beats. it's a nice mix.

loop guru have other albums but i haven't heard them. maybe someday! I don't want to ruin a good impression.

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