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Short story written in high school. Exploring the duality of the expansive life of the mind coexisting with the mundanity of daily interaction.

26 April 1992


Friday, July 24, and Henry Wallins had just finished a good morning's work. He decided to give himself a treat and went to get a pizza. While waiting in line to be seated his eyes passed over the crowded restaurant and alighted upon a young woman whose face rang a bell. It looked like a girl he had briefly met a few months earlier at some company function, the date of one of the young associates. Now he was sure it was her, he could tell by her innocent looking prettiness. She had a thin, petite figure, small breasts, the type he could spend a lot of time just toying with. He followed the slow curve of her side down where her two legs met each other. He could see the folds in her dress that seemed to outline her pussy. He looked up at her face and noticed she was smiling at him strangely, "Don't I know you from somewhere?" she asked.
He smiled too and walked over to her. She started to rise. "Don't bother," he said. "We met at the company picnic. I believe you know Jim?" He noticed with some frustration that he couldn't quite see down the front of her sun dress beyond the top of her bra.
"That's right. You gave the second speech." she smiled amiably. He returned her smile again and motioned to the seat across from her, "Go ahead," she said, "I just ordered a small pizza." He watched her red lips mouth the words and he saw himself leaning in, slowly moving his tongue across the top and bottom and just pushing it softly in and out, pushing softly against the barrier.
"Do you come here often? I've never seen you here before." Now her small blonde head was making its way down his chest, his hands gently urging it downwards, leaving a pink lipstick trail.
"No, I was just in the neighborhood to visit Jim at work," she leaned forward to sip the straw in her mineral water, "What are you all dressed up for?" she gestured at his three-piece.
He licked his lips as his penis was engulfed by her warm wet mouth, "Well, I find I can get more work done if I dress appropriately." He wondered whether she was a natural blonde. I bet she has tan nipples, quarter sized, slight protrusion, he thought to himself.
A pale black haired waiter with three days facial hair set a small pizza between them and looked right at him, "Would you like anything sir?"
An image of the young man sucking on his penis flashed briefly into his head before he replied, "No, thank you. I'll just be visiting with the young lady."
The man turned on his heel and walked away and Henry turned his attention back to the young lady. He could see himself standing over her proudly, cum shooting out of his wildly jerking penis all over her face and in her hair.
"Did you see Jim at work today?" she asked, looking up at him over her pizza.
Mister Wallins wondered idly how she would look with that pizza smeared between her thighs, "No, we work in different departments." He looked at his watch. "I have to hurry, I have a board meeting at one." He rose, reached out and shook her hand and smiled, "Nice seeing you again."
Mister Wallins left the restaurant and was heading back to work when he realized that he had forgotten to eat. He saw a McDonalds out of the corner of his eye and he walked over. He ate his Big Mac in silence as he watched the people pass by his window. They were all naked, crawling around in feces, wearing collars as Mister Wallins finished off his fries and they were fist-fucking eachother's assholes as he sipped his coke. He tidied himself up and headed to his meeting.
He waved at the security guard, and noted with amusement the baton he was holding. He stepped on the elevator and was joined at the last minute by a sweaty bicycle messenger. Mister Wallins stared straight ahead, his lips pursed as he imagined the young man pulling off his pants and putting him over his knee and vigorously spanking him, his hard prick pressing into his thigh.
Finally he arrived at his floor and walked to his office. He greeted his secretary and walked on in. Inside were the two young associates he was working with on the Klinger case, Kara and Andy. The case had been going on for years and involved tremendous amounts of pouring over depositions and records, so he was glad to have these two young, spry workers at his disposal. "Let's get right down to business then, shall we?"
The two looked relieved to see him and Kara began talking immediately. "Our Scotsdale office has called. Mr. Pearson is only available until the fourteenth, and then he's leaving for Italy."
Andy chimed in, "And the client wants to bring in their New York counsel Gram Quimby."
He looked at Kara's slim wrists as he slowly said, "Fax Scotsdale and tell them I'll fly down Monday. That will mean we can't finish that brief until I get back. Tell Judd that I want -"
Kara looked up from her stack of papers, "Judd's not available. His wife has ovarian cancer and he's taken a leave of absence."
He was slowly covering Kara's hands and wrists in petroleum jelly. "Who are we supposed to talk to then?"
Andy began, "Probably Kevin,"
"Kevin who?" asked Mister Wallins.
"Kevin Mitchell." Kara chimed in.
Andy's anus was being coated with vaseline. "Right, Kevin Mitchell. Well, let him know that the brief will be submitted by Thursday."
Kara was easing her hand into Andy's ass. She looked up again from her papers, "We have to get a copy to Wientraub by Wednesday."
"We'll send him a rough draft, he'll understand. Now what's this about Quimby?"
"Dottering old fool." Andy cursed under his breath. He was drooling and undulating his hips as Kara began plunging her hand in and out of his ass.
"He wants to play an active roll and I guess they still have faith in him," Kara was thoughtful, "he's not that big a problem. We don't have to send him any copies of anything yet, and if he doesn't see that brief he will be really behind."
Kara had extracted her hand and was frantically unbuttoning her shirt as Andy began plunging his own hand into his ass.
"If they insist that we work with Gram, then it's best we keep him informed. He would slow us down even more otherwise."
She tapped her pen against her lips, "You're right. I'll send him a copy of our current draft." Her shirt was now unbuttoned and Andy sat up and began biting her nipples through her lacy black bra.
Mister Wallins leaned back in his seat, "Now let's not get too over-zealous here, we wouldn't want him to upstage us. We'll hold off just long enough to tempt them." Kara cried out as Andy drew blood. She threw him back on the ground and sat on his chest, pinning his arms beneath her legs.
"Do you want us to go to Scotsdale?" Andy asked.
"No," Mister Wallins considered as Kara raised her skirt and exposed her moist, inflamed pussy, "no. Mr. Pearson is tricky, and he could go either way. You'd better let me handle him." She lowered her vagina onto Andy's face and he began lapping vigorously.
Andy stood and collected his papers, "Well, I guess we're finished here then."
Mister Wallins rose and walked to the door, "If you guys will call Judd, I'll take care of Scotsdale."
When the two of them reached the door, Kara dropped her papers. As she started to pick them up, he bent down and picked them up for her. She received them and said, "Thank you." Andy was tonguing her asshole as they disappeared down the hall.

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