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Cabana Boy/Interplay
IBM/PC 1988
CGA, EGA, and 16 color VGA, MCGA, Tandy
Mouse supported
Color monitor required

The first game that let you surf cyberspace, based on the "Neuromancer" book by William Gibson that coined the term.

A dirty world, like Circuit's Edge. Drugs, body parts for sale, streetladies, techno-cults. Social Hacking. Post- modern, urban.

case You play the (renamable) -tagonist from the book, Case, adrift in Chiba City (a wretch hive of scum and villany), looking for money and equipment to get back online.

That's the first half of the game - hacking Chiba City. How can you get the security pass to sneak into Hosaka Corp. to use their jack to get to the next level of BBS to get the CopTalk skill chip upgrade to get the cop in the donut shop to tell you the Eastern Seaboard Facility Online password where you'll find the Back of Zurich passcode to embezzle 30k to buy more software to hack the Cheap Hotel to get the caviar from room service to get Crazy Edo to give you a new computer.

Then once you have the right "deck" and softwarez,

ahhh, cyberspace

Neuromancer is like:

B.A.T. 1 and 2
Rise of the Dragon
Circuit's Edge

The second half of the game you're wandering cyberspace - a 3D grid electrosphere with database diamonds occasionally interuppting the perpendicularities. Visit the nodes, attack them with the right viruses and ICE breakers and you'll find more, better deep secret information and money and software until you run into AIs - the personalities behind the future techno world, computer intelligences gone awry. These folks you battle with your brain, trying to find out why all the cyberspace cowboys are being killed trying to do exactly what you are doing...

greystoke AI That's the real fun of the thing - what you're working towards is leaving the dirty city where everyone tries to swindle you and you never have enough money and the cops are about to bust you always. Once you're in cyberspace, in this game, you are running free - no bills, information that yields to your skill, the secrets of the known universe are here if you can earn them. A game within a game - a world within a world, that reveals the world that contains it. Quite artful like that!

Interplay Hints and Dixie's Story
straight walkthrough
This page offers this cheat:

Neuromancer Geldcheats

Den Kontostand kann man in den Speicherstellen $C33A bis $C33C manipulieren (Betrag steht hexadezimal an dieser Adresse!!)

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