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Dune 2: The Battle for Arrakis

Dune 2
PC, 1992

Dune 2 was the first real-time strategy game. You need to harvest energy and build factories and produce troops and machines, on a map too small for two teams. So you win by using resources to build an army to whup the other dude.

The setting was taken from the series of novels by Frank Herbert, concerning the battles between tribes in some far-distant space. Most land was ecologically devistated, largely devoid of water, but rich in Spice, the saught after drug of the area.

Various houses faught for access to water and spice. In the game, your first task is always to raise a good load of spice to finance your operations.

In Dune 2, you have the choice to play one of three houses: Noble house Atreides, Savage house Harkonnen, and Cunning house Ordos. Each of these houses has particular advantages.

There's a plotline involving a struggle for the planet of Dune, three houses competing at the feet of the emperor.

each unit has its own built in strengths and weaknesses - essentially it's like a fast moving chess with overt warfare spelled out by the pieces.

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