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14. Saturday, July 27, 1993 [4] <29.5>

have you ever been...

Four tabs of Purple blotter from Kevin.

Smoked pigs in a blanket (wet Jamaican bud wrapped around Hashish) and listened to Electric Ladyland. After the first song, I went to the CD player to change the track and he pointed out how Jimi was taking us on a journey, and that "And the Gods Made Love..." was just the beginning. We all agreed and restarted the disc for what was one of, if not, the best drug experience of my life.

I was trippin' so hard that the music would physically effect me at times. But the most profound moments came when the LSD provided me with an insight into the music itself. I heard Jimi playing musical jokes and complicated themes and stories totally aside from the lyrics. I heard women grunting in every song. Each song had a distinct character, even distinct and fitting visual images that each one called to mind. It was incredible.

He and I left there early and headed back to my house to sleep for a few hours listening to the rain and then we went to the Sox game.

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