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10 february, 1996
Lafayette Park, Washington DC

first I'm uneasy
fewer agitated than agitators

informal group of suited to the side
anyone want to go first?
I raise my hand to lead the charge

like preachin' to the choir
by the time I spoke
there was maybe three dozens

my talk, lead off
somewhat straight from cda.html

I advocate parental control

instead of legislation
prevention of frank and honest dialogue.

parents should decide for kids

not government deciding for us like kids

that won a roused reaction

some guy yelled "write that down"

caught off guard, I noted

"that was a high point"
and fingered a dreadlock
staring at the cooler I was standing on

this is a life or death issue!
those kids without parental supervision

15 year olds in new york and LA
need access to graphic information about safe sex

by the time a kid knows to look for weird shit,
there's not much you can do about it.
nadler I was followed by a hill suit
John Doty, Legislative Correspondent
reading a statement for
someone who wished they could be there
new york's rep Jerrold Nadler
first rep to turn his pages black!
and we cheer
nice censorship bashing platitudes
and we cheer.

Jonah Seiger semi-passionate

gettin' the job done for the
Center for Democracy and Technology
more explicatory
said right things
and we cheer

Bill Winter
from the Libertarian party
is so with us in so many ways
rah rah

right on
we reject "paternalistic laws"

he opened his talk with a joke
we asked Louis Farrakahn
to count the crowd
he sez we've got a million.
we liked that.
a little cold in the toes
let's chant
Internet Freedom Now!
(I guess an Internet rally ain't the place for rhythm)

as Mark Mangan

author of Sex Laws and Censorship
historicized our struggle
a homeless black fellow
with serious groucho eyebrows and a few teeth
chiming in with the crowd against censorship
"hallelujah! hallelujah!
decency lives in this house!"

the well bread white boy
calmly opposed to speech supression

continues faltering

seeing his chance,

homeless wanders toward the stage
"I'm a computer genius! I'm a computer genius!"


several generous geeks escort him aside

while Mark continues his recitation of supression
Louis somebody banned printing
upon punishment of hanging

Jonathan Blumen,
editor, Ethical Spectacle
delivered more than ten minutes
but it was good
unswavering for the homeless

freedom of speech
ain't like ice cream
something you get
when you're well behaved
david casti held forth brief
I thought he might be
but not
a chiq queer,
a chiq geek
black trenchcoat
long blond hair
gray fedora
smoker's teeth
he's more at risk than I
those threatened with jail
spoke the most poignantly
without notes


fuck the cda
in hexidecimal

open mike afterwards
everybody stays

a budding geek
waves the whole bill
spooled printout
with perforated printer fuzz on each side

bill. like School House Rock,
a leather jacketed
cyber punk

sang "I'm just a bill
...just a telecom bill"
did he make that shit up
on the spot?

den of iniquity woman approaches
after web reading, nice to meet you.

AOL pays her bills,
"It's perfectly fine if you want to say that I sometimes have a hard time working for a family service."
without bothering to the mike,
homeless page publisher
Thomas held forth on fascism
from a park bench.

the open mike winds down
I hear the Libertarian host

pgp, encryption
offshore sites
and anonymous remailers
ways to dodge the law

I step up one more time
I believe in what I'm doing
I'm not going to change
for unreasonable law

David Casti adds
the way the CDA is drafted,
even with all offshore smut
you can still be arrested here.

I wonder if we are going to extradite
porno publishers

moral legislator to the world
net butcher
incarcerator of content
comin' in to los angeles
bringin' in some internet sleeze...
one last chant
the most rousing
Fuck the CDA!

20 mins done,
a latecomer asks me
"is it over?"
"that's what happens when you code all night."

long dark drawn
like the addams butler
pater of
myhouse dot com

invited me home.

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