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three T06

J-Phone T06

The "T" in "T06" name tells you the phone was made by Toshiba. This is the first Japanese mobile I've owned; it can send and recieve internet email, browse the web and download Java games, and it has a camera built into it. It's a ready distraction and it's great fun.

November 2001: I wrote a piece about it for Foreigner's Phone: The Internet in My Pocket

DoCoMo won't sell a phone to a foreigner on a tourist visa; you must have a long-term visa to get a DoCoMo phone. J-Phone don't care, they just took my credit card. So I got a camera phone instead of access to the wealth of DoCoMo's i-Mode web pages.

When you see pictures on my site around 120 by 143 pixels, that look something like this:

They're from my mobile phone. Here's a gallery of Phone Pix.

I forgot my digital camera when I went to the Emperor's Birthday Party so I had to take pictures with my J-Phone.

emperor's birthday

There's a page where I can email photos and text from my phone, updated live to the web. I generally write there only in Japanese though.

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