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nokia 6185

After talking to Wilner about this for a while, it seemed like this phone would be a good choice for me because it travels well. It is small, loaded with features and works on SprintPCS network, which covers most of all the places I might ever be travelling.

frontal view headset dongle thingie I made sure I bought myself a "dongle" - an earpiece and microphone to allow me easy hands free. i thought it would be most useful when driving, which it is, but it's awesome all the time. There's something unsettlingly comfortable about talking to a good friend in the middle of a mall, your head relatively unencumbered, your phone in your pocket, gesturing and pacing about as you might in person - cut loose. People don't quite seem to understand exactly who you're talking to.

I got 500 minutes for $50. It seemed like a good way to go - a comfortable margin to allow myself to really explore cellphone use without having to be overly conscious of talking fast or not taking calls.

I am wary of the possible brain cancerous side effects of using this thing, but I'm nowhere near my brother's use and with the dongle I feel like I'm not overly microwaving my noggin.

I had a few inspirations:

Swedes, the ever in touch Wilner, Colin who calls me from concerts and holds up his cellphone, which actually sounds like a poor quality bootleg. Also seeing each of the Rheingolds, father mother and daughter, with their own cellphone staying in touch throughout the day, modeled for me a nice efficiency of communication and staying in touch that I would like to try. Of course that requires getting Mom, GK, Wilson and Amy cellphones!

Fortunately I was able to get unlimited long distance with my phone too, through Sprint, so I expect to use downtime when I might have enjoyed scenery or the people around me, I'll instead call far distant friends and prattle into their answering machines.

the point seems like a good place for commercial cellphone info. If you want to hack into a phone like this one, Texorcist provides some codes here. Also, MobilServer has a wider range of info on all phones - how to hack and paint and tweak your communications console. Here's Nokia 6185/6188 Test Mode & Secrets - thorough with screenshots. Marquel and ACDC Wireless have lots of accessories - ACDC is about 2/3rds the price of most places.

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