justin front end imagemap

I'm justin.

it's the summer of 1996.
this is my web site, which I've been running for over two years now. it's done me a lot of good, given me a place to share my mind
and so I've been thinking a lot about how we could best use computers and the internet.

so listen, if you want to learn about web publishing, I'd love to teach you. publishing your writings on the web is a great way to reach out to friends you don't even know you have yet.

and, it's exceedingly easy!

I'm learnin' a lot of stuff here; stuff from speakers, from college, from my friends and family, from life. stuff about sex, stuff about soul, stuff about work.

I put up a notice here in november, it said,

I feel real good about this web stuff, so I'd like to spread it around.

enough folks said alright, and invited me to their homes.

some crazy stories from bein' on the road, early summer 1996.

these days I'm taking a break from greyhounding,

still carrying my pack, as you can see

I'm living with this guy howard rheingold. he's starting a kind of a community space on the web, called electric minds,

I was going to be helping him makin' web pages, but my wrists are all messed up.

nice to meet you.

no thanks, I don't smoke.

I just didn't comb it for months; god is my hairstylist.

sure, feel free to click on me.

I already told you what happened the other day, right?

well last night, I had this crazy dream.