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s h a r e

I have been so blessed in my life.

A wonderful family has provided me with so much support; an incredible education, access to tools and a sense of self-confidence.

These forces coincided in this webpage. Through these links I can communicate so much of myself to so many folks - it is another wonderful blessing.

This one I have more control of - I want to share the power of web publishing with any and all who would care to have a voice in this many to many medium.

I will finish this year at Swarthmore in mid-May.

s u m m e r '96 is free

I would like to spend it travelling, empowering folks on the Internet.

If you would like me to come to your community; to explain the web, to help you get hooked up, to teach web publishing, to help you establish your voice on the Internet

e-mail me. Let's set something up. I don't need to be paid - I'd like to be put up, and have my travelling expenses covered.

Find ten folks in your area who'd like to get involved, get them to pitch in $4 to cover my bus ticket. I'll sleep on your floor and help you find your webbed way.

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