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SIME 2000


SIME stands for Scandinavian Interactive Media Event. I spoke at SIME 1997 as a young "web poet"

After a few years absence I was invited back to speak. This was a great opportunity in two respects:

one, I have a keynote address, a chance to make a sustained presentation of my ideas about gaming and the internet to an audience that I'm pretty comfortable with.

two, they agreed to fly myself and Amy there, and so this will be the first occasion for us to travel out of America together! and we will stay with Svante some, that will be nice.

With Ulf So I gave a speech about next generation game consoles, how they were going to be the cheap internet appliance of the future (sega dreamcast - $200 for an internet computer). I used PowerPoint to make my point. It was a fun experience!

Three people came up afterwards to express their surprise that I had "become corporate" but one or two said that I picked up a little bit of the Justin Hall rant-a-thon speedtalking towards the end. I definitely have fun talking fast about things I love. But I gotta anchor it with a point or I might not grow.

Photo by: Magnus Bodin

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