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12/96: indefinitely discontinued
due to lack of patience.


distract readers from my site to yours -
for low low monthly rates!

started the end of august,
submit a gif, 230x60 pixels, at 72 dots per inch, to be randomly loaded throughout my site.

here's a sample:

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two tiers:

individuals, small publishers, not-for-profit-motives:
sliding scale: $25 - $50 ->

corporations, goods sellers, most folks with inc. after their name: $200

(per month)

the idea was to involve small publishers, while generating rent revenue.

for more samples, check out, I helped those guys integrate this concept.

or, look at all the folks who've advertised here.
if you've got a good cause, or a thin wallet, go ahead and try me for a cheaper or free rate. conversely, if you've got money to burn, you are welcome to pay more to support those without.


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