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i like to write

one night out with famous/weirdos:

"crazy david/joel hill/cadillac ron"
a blue eyed leatherfaced eagle haired cowboy hat wearing beefheart voiced piano playing truck driving smokin' drinkin' whorin' servant of the lord. new orleans - summer 1996

arguing technology expression and body odour with kurt vonnegut. maybe i should exerpt this? lebanon valley, PA - october 1995

"poeticizing with punky"

writing poetry, dancing and "fucking with" with actress punky brester. los angeles - january 1995.

on the road:

"swedish toilets and urinals"
porcelain design. sweden - spring 1998

"deadly diving for long term lobster"
paralysis, impotence and cocaine for the seafood lover in you. honduras - summer 1997


"ambient dance" performance, wil swason

atmospheric, contemplative, arhythmic, and non-lyrical. swarthmore, fall 1997

internet industry

computers are ruling our lives, and we think we have a choice. swarthmore - spring 1997

consumption and production

how do you give computers to folks without? support attention production. summer tour - june 1996
total carnage, marathon videogame review from electric minds, fall 1996

"why the web"

why should folks publish online? 1995


from a p-funk show; few folks wanted to get funked up! - fall 1994

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