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1997 - inspired by burn man, swat spring, and North Indian Classical Music - Ken Zuckerman anmd Swapan Chaudhuri.

After the first part in a Hughes-inspired building drawl to exploding dream, the rest is meant to be shouted as read:

I've seen great fires I've watched them burn
I've seen great firees I watched them burn
10000 maniacs, 10000 maniacs
WOE for thou art fire
folks run, sun feel it fire
I saw them crowd the lawn
the slow sand - low, fire  FIRE
skin slow through muggy hot air thick with fire. Feel that phone? Hot, FIRE! FIRE in the home, Fire in the heart, even in the 8th house is fire live live screaming fire.
Fast beats fire fast hands fire fire inclusive fire fire FIRE is under America fire kills the poor
fire ain't goin' stop for no smoke detector
fire got music fire got rhythm fire always dance, dance with fire in you belly in a bowl fire Fire steals fire is old fire's always watching fire is bold. Uh, fire You can't stay away! It makes you warm! She burns herself for fire soul girl watching fire sad soul need fire. FiRE fire is a forge, fire makes shit too. Fire bonds and fire cooks fire melts and fire love books.
Fire makes move UH
Fire makes you sweat let me Uh, fire feel fire you fire ooh fire you me feels fire good singe hot honey fire. Fire astounds, fire's restrained. FIRE FLAMES I want to dance trance staring straight into the sun for fire for ooh father fire and woman fire a liquor fire in my belly pain and drive is fire. I'm afraid of fire. it distracts me it takes me away I've put away my fire for tomorrow fire summer is fire travel fire but not here now fire is cuz fire's crazy. man fire's just nuts. Fire is doubt fire is a new religion fire forgets fire's the same I feel afraid for fire took my mommy fire took my dad fire took (strange fruit) and all that she had. Fire kills kings fire hoards I could go on and on about Fire - ouch! Fire has no friends! fire knows no ends 'cept when it's burnt out, fire. fire. fire Fire, travels light fire is at night fire is fight light for fire light heat from fire hot mmmm fiure hot heh Hot fire writhes fire moves fires still fire soothes I have memories of fire Fire ain't ssmoke fire is clear fire is between fire is near

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