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i love to sauna

boy's sauna
Douglas, Michael, Justin, Mark, Dave
Copenhagen, May 2001
that's one nice thing about going to Nordic lands, they have plentiful saunas. It's a social activity, it seems, people gather with a few beers maybe and sit around, talking, saunaing, no big deal.

One time there, I had an entire day to get into it. I saunaed for hours and hours, drinking beer the entire time, showering, and repeating, until i felt as though the alcohol had been cooked deeply into my molecules. I felt very deeply mellow.

howard got a sauna. Chris had one, but soon it became storage! Some people stop using them because running a sauna in your home can be a huge hit on the electricty bill.

In Scandinavia, where they take Sauna seriously, they have "Cold Plunges" where you can experience soul-searingly cold water after time sweating.

cold plunge

this is a great sauna page: Sweat, from the book by Mikkel Aaland

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