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Twitter: @jah
Twitter: @justsexin for NSFW bits.

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I'm on Facebook as justinreach, and there's a "fan page" for Justin's Links - this here site!!

I have a If you wish to employ my video making for your own purposes, including recruiting and corporate storytelling, please visit

If you have ICQ, my number is 5246346 but I don't use that much any more.

My edits on Wikipedia.

I get a fair number of people emailing asking me to include their links in the WWW - Weird, Wild, Wonderful section of my site - I haven't touched it since 1996 and I'm not planning to return soon. Justin's Links from the Underground is more Justin's Links about Justin, or Justin's Links about Justin's particular stream of thought these days - not so much "holy smokes I found an FTP site with sound files of naked hermaphrodies reading poetry from the 1920s" the likes of which used to provide the excitement around here.

At one time I hosted an FAQ - now I fantasize about building a Justin virtual brain that would learn my responses to questions. I did a project like that around Ikkyu.

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