Date: Tue, 15 Aug 1995 12:47:24 -0700
From: (Justin Hall)
Subject: jerry and me, indulgent mailing lists

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jerry and me, indulgent mailing lists

re: Jerry and me.

It was a weird week for the both of us.

I was intending to turn around some thoughts on Jerry, the Dead and the future state of mind soon after those provoking posts on ulist.

Whatever my intentions, the fates interceeded. I was in LA for Siggraph and I got a major pain in the gut. Thursday, August 10th, 6am, I was rushed into the emergency room at California Medical Center in Los Angeles for a ruptured appendix. I underwent surgery that afternoon, I was discharged from the hospital today, Monday.

Sort of a bummer, I was planning to leave LA earlier, and I didn't get to see much of the conference. My gut still hurts and I've got full body track marks, but they did give me some decent painkillers.

Everyone was real nice, my Mom had a meeting in LA on Monday, she came out early to bedside me. I met Wanda Webb on Wednesday, she brought me food and ferns.

I wrote an appended poem:

leaving LA, I was diseased and the city made me so.
too chicken and my dirt eating days are over
they removed my appendix
burst puss not infected cuz I'm a skinny guy
organ removal sounds so medieval
not like demerol synthetic pain killer happiness
between my nineteen cable stunted channels
even in a hospital for the meek
everyone deserves this kind of treatment.
wanda bearing food and ferns
my mother seldom left my bedside
two women, two computers, two phones
full body track marks
wheeling around liquid food
my pee stank
my bowels and gas passing events.
all the nurses were from foreign countries
they liked my blue hair
and my friendly disposition.

So my personal drama interceeded my immediate response to the death of a spiritual figure. I have done some Dead recollecting, why I'm grateful.

A bit culled from the online streams:

>According to the New York Times, Cap Cities/ABC has fired the
>Manger of Online Services for ABC news for transmitting a
>sexually explicit photograph over the company's computer network.
>Mitch Davis, the terminated employee could not be reached for
>comment of the Times' story.
Perhaps they'll hire him at Surfwatch.

Here's a cool service, the URL-minder. Use it to keep track of people's "What's New pages" and you don't have to subscribe to their indulgent mailing lists.

The URL-minder is an automatic web-surfing robot that keeps track of changes to Web pages important to you.

For help on how to use the URL-minder service, send an e-mail message to with subject line "URL-minder help".

Siggraph was unremarkable in my quarter day perusal. More and more people are interested in computers, which are getting cooler, and harder to keep track of.

I spoke at the SigKids, in the Digital Circus, about the miracle of personal publishing. I thought I would be speaking to bodies, but they were behind a barrier to prevent them from messing with the cameras broadcasting to the MBone.

I might end up with some QuickTakes to post on my site.

Otherwise, I'm recouping, recaping, recovering. Doctor David Duarte sez I've got to take it easy, no heavy lifting for six weeks. Intercourse he says is alright, as long as the woman is on top (no word on homosexual sex).

Thanks for your bandwidth,

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