From: Justin Hall <>
Newsgroups: comp.human-factors
Subject: Ergonomic Keyboarding
Date: Sat, 10 Aug 1996 22:16:59 -0800
Organization: Electric Minds, inc.
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ouch, even as I type this

so I have been looking for alternative means of inputting my brain into this box,

pardon me, I'm a writer, 21 years old, with quite a high volume of web page generation, until a two weeks ago when the results of travelling the us south by greyhound and typing in the back of the bus hours on a powerbook

manifested in twin tenosynovitis, ouch, pain all over my arms, man.


before that, I was updating my web page daily, with notes on my life.

I went to see Bob Markison, here in the bay area, he recommended I voice input my thoughts into the computer

"hey, but the rates suck! I can type far faster than that!"

to which he responded, "brevity is the soul of wit."

well, that's great. but I think I want to write a novel.

so, jeez, there's a lot of options. single hand key chorders, dictation, split keyboards

I found a page with a great load of info:

so I'm looking now for personal recommendations, stories -

anybody try or use alternative means of data entry on these computer things?