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Ellen and I met at Ramona street in the summer of 1995. I was couch surfing, unemployed, gigging around and being arrested,
Ellen was acclimating to the bay area from Miluakee and getting ready for Mills College.

I took her and a friend to meet Jorge.

I met Amy at Ellen's birthday party. Amy reports that Ellen had been telling her we would get along for years.

Later Ellen and I were on and off roommates again at Alcatraz, where Amy Ellen Kiersti Olivia and Kara lived for '96 '97. Near the bullet-proof pizza hut, they were burglarized 4 times in 8 months. Ellen more because she kept leaving CDs in her car.

Ellen accompanied Amy Eve and I to Renaissance Fair 1998, chaperoned by Wilner - they proceeded to have their own romance.

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