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beatle dad

slept in wayne's bed, after kicking nujgon out with my silence
george harrison's father defamed in foreign service with the government
he did great work
and then they systematically spead lies about him
no reason evident
somehow I realize this is true for my father also

it's part of the beatles reunion, or whatever, the older beatles, sgt. pepper era
they're playing songs off their new CD
the third song on the second CD brings me to tears

note: I've not heard any of the recent releases)
over my own father the beatles, particularly john wish me luck
he's clad in white robes, full beard, long hair, looking at me through his round glasses
I'm outside the studio room, howard's old office,
weeping uncontrallably
I persue george's dad, he's waiting in line for something,
he's a beaten man,
no go on any insight
he is retiscent.

then heidi called for breakfast, half hour early

I fell back asleep

dreamt of dalmation coloured labradors standing up and turning into sunflowers.

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