wesley gibson hall

in a civil tone 11/14/95

well old man
(do I call him that?)
I believe we have taken on a more civilized tone
now that we've known each other
for twelve years already
Yeah, school is going pretty good
better, since last we spoke
I don't get in so much trouble
I'm not feeling so neglected
my writing is going well
looks like I might be able to make a career of it.
I've found some mentors,
folks who'll look at my stuff and critique it for me
they're great people, I feel lucky to have them
I've been learning a lot about you and ma
in some of my relationships
it's very hard to be close to people
maybe, perhaps, harder than not.
Sorry I only call twice a year
I do think about you more often
but what with the new baby and all,
I'm real busy these days.
hold on - that's my other line. Can I call you back?

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