wesley gibson hall

Searching for Father (12/8/93)

a man
forever frozen
at wise age
leaving dates
and infirm
lapses of forgetting
where the only trivial
comes to form an
image to
with that written
by other
and friends,
those with more substantial portraits
to paint with broad
strokes of colour and depth
to yield a man beyond his means?

In the realm of
the ideal,
in the relentless mind of a sun,
struggling to rise
up from below
that line of youth,
a path
can be quickly received
and distorted to serve;
petrol for further musings,
harmless in their inactivity,
deadly serious, mind you.

to stride into place,
as that wonderful combination
of adolescent male holiness;
intellect, poise, culture,
taste, respect, humanity
why not?
For between my fingers
lay the memories of
an all too-human, human,
and daring to justify
both portrait and
bare mother mutter.

Pray! remember for me
the man!
the father
the husband
the "drinking"
serve me little,
now comes the time,
lay bare the youth,
the sense of lost time,
between Hinsdale and
Jenner & Block
lays my time, of searching
for father.

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