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September 22, 1978
Mr. Edward R. B-----
1246 North State Parkway
Chicago, Illinios 60610

Dear Mr. B-----:

As one of your immediate neighbors, I am writing to protest the manner in which you are maintaining your property and the extraordinarily throughtless conduct on your part with reference to the dog which you maintain as a part of your household.

This dog, which in appearance seems to be a well-bred, potentially attractive animal, has been subjected to what can only be deemed cruel and inhuman treatment. Last winter, during spells of bitter cold, the dog was turned loose in your rear yard for very extended periods of time. On one occasion, when the temperature had reached sub-zero levels for several days, I observed this dog, then a relative puppy, huddled in a corner of your yard and shivering uncontrollably. Being unable to obtain any response from your residence, I removed the dog to my kitchen and attempted to warm it and feed it.

During the past summer, this same dog has been permitted to remain at large in your rear yard with no apparent care for, again, extended periods of time. The dog's howling at all hours of the night and day is a disturbance to the neighborhood. More important, large quantities of dog excrement have been allowed to accummulate in your rear yard, attracting flies and other insects, and producing an intolerable odor. I am advised that the Taylors have been effectively deprived of the use of their yard by reason of this condition. The odor from this condition has also reached our yard. It is also apparant that permitting this excrement, covered with flies, to exist in a closely-confined area such as the back yards in our block, poses a serious health hazzard, both to the adult residents and to the many small children who constantly play in the back yards adjacent to your property.

On a wholly different subject, it is incredible to me that someone who could afford to purchase a residence such as yours would permit his front yard to assume the appearance of a garbage dump. Since you have moved into your residence, no effort has been made to clear away the weeds, debris, empty beer cans, and other littler which constitute a continuing eyesore to persons in the neighborhood.

I am frankly astonished that a person identified with an organization such as the Chicago Tribune could conduct himself in such a fashion. I have given serious thought to sending copies of this letter to the publisher of this newspaper, and its counsel, Mr. Reuben, with whom I am acquainted. I am also considering advising the Chicago Board of Health and the Humane Society of the facts related above. I have determined not to do so at this time, only in the hope that you may have the common decency to correct the situations referred to above without my taking these actions.

Very truly yours,

Wesley G. Hall

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