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H. Donnan Steele

Donnan is currently enrolled at Yale. He was the first of my friends to set up his own pages - which for over a year bore a day's shocking news of jerry garcia's death - more due to inattendance than to ravenous grateful dead fandom.

he deftly manipulates matters that fly far over my head - physics and math are just too easy for that boy.

Check out his autobiography - he's got a great outfit on!

he's got a strong sense of self, sometimes, he's a leo, I notice him holding the floor a lot,

but he's good natured and seems to be largely balanced
suffice to say I'm just not used to fighting for the floor with folks

Donnan and I became friends in third grade, we went to the same school. We used to play role playing games, and the computer together, like Wizardry. Many afternoons at his house, with his family. They were among the most down to earth of all the folks I grew with. We would work on chores together, and go to boy scouts, and church. I didn't figure out it was Catholic church until my senior year in high school, when a mutual friend mentioned it in philosophy class.

at the computer

One thing I appreciate about Donnan is his love, I guess, his persistence. I'm a flaky guy and many folks give up trying to stay in touch with me as I move across the country or leave a job, etc. Donnan visited me at Swarthmore, in Oakland, and I stayed with him during Web '98.

And each time and place we get together I'm impressed by his quiet command of his ideas which seem to be ahead of everything I take the time to read. I'm honoured he stays in touch with me - he gives me good books and good conversation.

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