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garrett county journal.

gcj makes excellent use of repeated form to minimize downloading and impart familiarity. This is a most distinctive web site - casting off the commonplace crispness of computer art for gritty feel.

within the confines of the web, this site often conveys crafted attitude in a very few bytes. Something to aspire to indeed.

(I say often cuz the site is redesigned about every three months.)

They are publishing young writers, and their fiction, poetry and prose. The piece on Pierre is particularly twisted - like I haven't been in a little while. I admire that! These people are web-hungry - they've been updating their shit. I say, check often!

I go back a ways with Jeeks, one of the people involved. I am all the more appreciative - you're lucky he's letting you into his brain, he's a pretty secretive dude, in some ways. His name doesn't appear anywhere noticeable on gcj.

this place has the greatest slogans...

one time I logged in to find this at the top:

< --- resize this window to the width of your ass. --- >

another time I find this:

got me

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