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Leigh was my first love. I was not alone. For post-toddlers at Parker, Leigh was the ideal girl. Bright, blonde, friendly, just good and wholesome - I couldn't help but chase her around the playground all day.

And love letters. I wrote her quite a few.
i think they had very very very very very very structure.

Leigh and Me, Sept 95 man I chased her through middle school too.
once I started gettin' socialized, I met sage and started dating long about seventh grade
whammo - leigh was hit by some massive crush on me

it seemed funny to me - we tried goin' out some, after I'd already been usurped,

we made better friends than lovers.

not that we didn't try - we had a few minutes in the closet. but that was about it.

we talked on and off, always with an incredible friendly spirit between us, but often unfulfilled promise; our time on task didn't match our enthusiasm.

it seemed to me her vision for herself merged with that of her parents - she really did want to achieve highest honours in school and ice skating. I saw her at every hoi polloi wasp kids function I ever attended.

a lot of pressure on perfection. Finally Leigh retaliated in high school with eating disorders. Anorexia first, then bulemia, she was visibly taking control of her life. i talked with her quite a bit in those days; i wanted to help, i don't know that i did.

she eventually changed her scene,
we were out of high school,
she dated, went to University of Chicago, dated a nice guy, started dancing.

she's probably still dancing.

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