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While I was raised without a religious framework, a protestant sensibility permeated my family's treatment of sexuality, and work ethic. Looking back, not being pushed into any one religious system allowed me to wander spiritually, without feelings of loyalty or guilt.
I remember once that curiousity earned me a trip to a Mormon church outside of Chicago. A strange affair, that was. I went with my high school english teacher, a beautiful, intelligent young Mormon woman, Nancy M. During the service, a young woman played an extended elaborate clarinet solo, to express her devotion to God. When she finished, there was not a clap in the house. The austerity was oppressive.
Afterwards, I was approached by three different, yet eerily similar clean cut young men who wanted to sell me on Mormonism. I held firm to my spiritual open ground, and learned that they were each "on a mission" wherein young Mormons travel the world to school the masses, and garner fresh converts. Out of Judiasm, Catholicism, Presbyterianism, Sufism, Baptism, Mormon was the most evangelical. I have found this of all the Mormons I have met. If you got a good thing, I guess you want to share it, huh?

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