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parker: sophomore

academically, sophomore year, second semester was my nadir.
I failed history, biology, and math.

at the same time, I was on the school's board of trustees committee, in a play and a musical, working for the newspaper and the literary magazine, headed up martin luther king day, and designed and spearheaded a plan for the school to have an open stage at it's annual county fair in october.

a lot of community contributions, but I didn't cover my work butt so well. I just didn't do too much homework.

what were the causes? my peace with george was rapidly fraying
so I shaved my head, started smoking pot, listening intensely to jane's addiction

went to summer school for geometry, wrote an extended research paper on saint francis for bernie markwell's history, and retook biology junior year.

that year, I wrote about this cool thing I'd discovered the Internet.

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