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GX notes: k pop

hank hooked me up with a crazy H.O.T. (High five Of Teenagers) video for the song "Hope." They have insane coloured haircuts and this video is insanely strange - women collapsing in churches, motocycle accidents, bike gangs, lukemia kids, cell phones, crazy coloured bob haircuts.

the dudes here like Korean pop, particularly the young female groups. Wayne writes a column that frequently references the subject, including his attempts to woo Eugene of S.E.S.

from october notes:

what i wish i could put on my site is this 143 megabyte FinK.L. video hank sent me. this is amazing - lovely young korean women dancing around in clothes most resembling trash bags, as the sound and light tools of rock concert spectacle developed to mezmerize young americans on drugs are adapted to this silly form of Casio pop. I guess this would be less amazing for me to watch, A. if i wasn't male, and B. if I had paid more attention to the Spice Girls, the Backstreet Boys, or any of the other teen bands with similar production qualities.

from september notes:



Another thing I'm learning about - Asian girl groups, like Korea's FIN K.L. - something like that - "Fine Killing Liberty," basically four 18 year old breastless beauties who sing. during the day you can catch hank watching their music videos on his computer, and kirk in dev has a few of their calendars and fan literatures on his desk. how strange!

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